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September-October 2012

Vol. 37 No. 1  

Featured Articles

Practice Finance

The IOLTA crash: An important role for bar associations

The stalled interest rates and decline in IOLTA revenue aren’t just a problem for bar foundations and other organizations that administer IOLTA programs or fund civil legal services. Bar associations, too, have an important role to play. Here’s how some bar associations are educating legislators, filling gaps via pro bono programs, and otherwise supporting bar foundation efforts during this difficult time.

Trade, Sports & Professional Associations

Foundations find, and fine-tune, ways to connect with legal community

To be most effective, a bar foundation needs to make sure it’s fully engaging its legal community, which may include law students, in-house counsel, and vendors of law-related products and services as well as the law firms from which bar foundations typically draw a lot of members and donors. In this article, leaders share ways their bar foundations have engaged the entire legal community in their area.

Practice Technology

The social media evolution: How do you choose what’s right for your bar?

First it was Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, plus bar-related blogs. Now, some bar communications experts are beginning to explore Pinterest. And what about Instragram? Tumblr? As social media platforms continue to evolve—and as lawyers, legislators, and other stakeholders gravitate toward them—how do bar associations decide which ones are worth the staff time that’s required to maintain a bar presence?