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March-April 2009

Vol. 33 No. 4  

Featured Articles

Diversity & Inclusion

Generation Communication: How to attract new leaders, keep everyone connected, and NOT fall into the gap

If you're a baby boomer or older, maybe you think members of Generations X and Y are slackers who don't want to join anything and who spend all day on Facebook and YouTube. And if you're younger, maybe you think those baby boomers and older are hopelessly stuffy and clueless when it comes to technology. The truth is that if bars are to survive the huge generational shift that's coming, both old and young will need to set aside the stereotypes and figure out how best to communicate-and how to attract the next wave of leaders.

Trade, Sports & Professional Associations

Report shows bar foundations significantly impact their communities

If you're curious about the world of bar foundations, and about how yours compares with others, just about everything you want to know is in a report released recently by the National Conference of Bar Foundations. In the first of two articles, you'll get an overview on foundations' revenue, distribution, and community impact. Did you know that bar foundations generated more than $900 million in revenue between 2005 and 2007?