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January-February 2009

Vol. 33 No. 3  

Featured Articles


Nifonged—Dealing with media emergencies

The word is not in Black's Legal Dictionary (yet). It means "to be deceived by hiding evidence" and refers to the controversy surrounding the former DA who charged three Duke students with rape. The North Carolina State Bar was swept into the maelstrom. Across the country, the State Bar of Texas developed a comprehensive response to a raid by Texas child welfare officials on a fundamentalist compound. Both bars came out winners in the press.

Courts & Judiciary

Sitting in judgment

In these days of 15-second sound bites, YouTube, and the nonstop barrage of information and entertainment, how can bars help bring attention to the importance of a healthy judicial branch? It's not by stressing the phrase "judicial independence," which can actually turn people off, says Michelle A. Behnke, chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Bar Activities and Services. Here, she shares some ideas that have worked in her home state of Wisconsin.