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May-June 2008

Vol. 32 No. 5  

Featured Articles

Legal Delivery

Investing in justice: How bar foundations can help stop a legal aid crisis

It's no secret that the salaries of legal aid attorneys lag far behind the profession in general, and that this often forces them to make other career choices. But did you know some common bar foundation policies--such as requiring that grants be used to expand legal aid services or add new ones--might be helping to perpetuate the salary gap? Here, a seasoned foundation executive explains the crisis, and what bar foundations can do to help.

Practice Management

The balancing act: Bars help lawyers juggle work and life

Traditionally, women lawyers have led the charge when it comes to securing alternative schedules and other means of easing the tension between career and other aspects of a well-rounded life. Some bars are finding that work-life balance is no longer just "a women's issue" or a concern for young lawyers with families. Read how lawyers of all ages, both genders, and every race and ethnicity are seeking balance--and what some bars are doing to assist them.

Leadership Development

One, two, three: When it comes to diverse bar leaders, milestones still matter

Haven't we progressed to the point where most bars have long since had their first, second, or third president who is a woman or a person of color? Is it really still necessary to call attention to these diverse leaders? Actually, says Michelle A. Behnke, chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Bar Activities and Services, celebrating diversity in bar leadership is still important. Barriers still remain, she says, and hearing how someone overcame them can inspire others toward increased participation and leadership