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November-December 2007

Vol. 32 No. 2  

Featured Articles

Media & Communications

Online lawyer search: A look at two new sites

If many consumers now look for lawyers via the Yellow Pages, can a consumer-focused lawyer search Web site be a boon to the public, as well as a profitable business model? And what does this mean for lawyer referral services? Two such sites debuted recently, one from within the bar association world and one from outside it. Here's a look at those sites and the thinking behind them, and at some of the discussion they've prompted.

Lawyer Wellness

Who needs help? Bars and Lawyer Assistance Programs Fight Stigmas And Lend a Hand

Many lawyer assistance programs have expanded their scope to address stress and lack of life balance before they lead to depression, substance abuse, or other problems. But some bars have found that lawyers are often reluctant to make use of the work-life resources available to them. What if you held a work-life seminar and no one showed up? What are some ways to offer assistance in a way that's more appealing? And if attendance is sparse, but one attendee leaves with some good ideas and later calls the LAP for help, should that count as success?