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Vol. 28, No. 2

Introducing bar group officers for 2003-04

The following bar-related organizations have selected new officers for the 2003-04 year:


New members of the ABA Standing Committee on Bar Activities and Services are: Thomas A. Edmonds, Richmond, Va.; David S. Houghton, Omaha, Neb.; Edith G. Osman, Miami; and Carl D. Smallwood, Columbus, Ohio.


The members of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Bar Executives are: Thomas A. Pyrz, Indiana State Bar Association, president; Anne Fritz, Memphis Bar Association, president-elect; Thomas Edmonds, Virginia State Bar, vice president; Laurence Buxbaum, Hennepin County (Minn.) Bar Association, secretary; Evelyn Sullivan, Lancaster (Pa.) Bar Association, treasurer; Allan B. Head, North Carolina Bar Association, and Rodney Wegener, Oregon State Bar, state bar directors; Susan Lengal, Akron (Ohio) Bar Association, and Ann G. Scarle, Baton Rouge (La.) Bar Association, local bar directors; Tim Hazen, Connecticut Bar Association, and Janet M. Sosin, Illinois State Bar Association, directors at large; and Allen Kimbrough, State Bar of Nevada, ABA House Delegate.


The officers of the National Conference of Bar Presidents are: Paul T. Moxley, Salt Lake City, president; Hon. Douglas S. Lang, Dallas, president-elect; Lonnie J. Williams Jr., Phoenix, treasurer; Steven R. Sorenson, Ripon, Wis., secretary; and David S. Houghton, Omaha, Neb., immediate past president.

New members at large are C. Joseph Holland, Iowa City, Iowa; Monty A. McIntyre, San Diego; James P. Nolan, Annapolis, Md.; Howard A. Shalowitz, St. Louis; and Gloria J. Sturman, Las Vegas.


The officers of the National Conference of Bar Foundations are: Linda L. Thompson, Ohio State Bar Foundation, president; Jerome J. Shestack, Philadelphia, president-elect; Doris Huffman, Nebraska State Bar Foundation, secretary; Barbara Bratton, Dallas Bar Foundation, treasurer; and Dee Miller Siegel, Encino, Calif., immediate past president.

New members of the Board of Trustees are Nick Andreeff, Akron Bar Association Foundation; Crystal Hartley McMeekin, Birmingham (Ala.) Bar Foundation; and E. Marie Queen, Pennsylvania Bar Foundation.


The officers of the Metropolitan Bar Caucus are: Seth D. Kirschenbaum, Atlanta, president; Carl D. Smallwood, Columbus, Ohio, president-elect; Amy Dunn Taylor, Houston, secretary/treasurer; and David M. Schraver, Rochester, N.Y., immediate past president.

New members at large are Raymond T. (Tom) Elligett Jr., Tampa, Fla.; Kimberly K. Farmer, Louisville, Ky.; Donna H. Fouste, Irvine, Calif.; Monty A. McIntyre, San Diego; and Mark A. Shank, Dallas.