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March 06, 2024

Conquer Your Leadership Fears at BLI

All bar leaders start their term intimidated by one part of their role or another. At BLI, we’ve got numerous sessions designed to help you conquer your fears.
If any of the following questions resonate with you, check out those sessions to help you level up your leadership.

Do you bristle at the thought of having to deal with conflict?

Be sure to attend returning faculty member Alyson Carrel’s keynote, Navigating Conflict and Fostering Dialogue (Friday, 9 a.m.). Alyson Carrel is a clinical professor at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and the co-director of the law school’s nationally ranked Center on Negotiation, Mediation, and Restorative Justice. Carrel’s session will help you be better equipped to face conflict as a leader, and how to build and preserve bridges.

Does the thought of ‘saying a few words’ at an event fill you with dread?

Join us for Presidential Communications: Speaking Opportunities (Friday, 1:15 p.m.). Past bar presidents will teach you tips and skills for speaking confidently and authentically at any event, whether it’s a two minute greeting at a social, or a 10-minute speech at the Annual Meeting.

Or, sign up for the optional Media Interview Master Class (Wednesday, 2:30 p.m.) with Julie Brown. This hands-on course will prepare you to speak to the media as the official spokesperson of your bar.

Do you avoid using social media because you ‘don’t want to mess it up’?

Attend Finding Your Voice on Social Media (Wednesday, 3:15 p.m.). You’ll get hands-on practical advice on what to talk about, what to avoid, and how to tell your story effectively.

Do you panic at the thought of leading a board?

Attend the Strategy, Structure, Culture: Governance Plenary (Thursday, 11 a.m.) where you’ll hear from experts Mark Engle and Debbie Trueblood from the Association Management Center. They will discuss how having board structure, culture, and strategy aligned can help your bar thrive, and empower you for your term in leadership.

Are you a new lawyer who feels in over your head?

Good news, we’ve got a track just for new lawyer entity leaders. Check out the Young Lawyers Strategy Sessions on meeting best practices. And there will be ample opportunities to network with other new lawyer entity leaders.

Do you know you’ll be facing some big challenges during your term in leadership, and you are in need of inspiration?

Join us for Putting Courageous Leadership into Action (Friday, 2:15 p.m.) where a variety of bar leaders from all over the country will share how they chose courage over comfort in making difficult decisions for their bar.

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