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The Antitrust Source

The Antitrust Source | August 2023

Editor's Note

Katherine Ambrogi and John Bodrug

Editor's Note
Anna Kurzaeva via Getty Images

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The Antitrust Source is back. Starting this month, Antitrust Magazine Online is once again called The Antitrust Source. Since 2001, The Antitrust Source has been the Section’s trusted bimonthly online journal for antitrust, consumer protection, and data privacy matters. The Antitrust Source offers timely and thought-provoking articles, comments, op eds., interviews, and literature and book reviews on all facets of antitrust, consumer protection, and data privacy law and economics. We will continue providing ready access to current developments in the law and literature, and serving as a peer reviewed resource for a variety of viewpoints. 

The August issue dives into the uncertainty about sustainability initiatives under U.S. antitrust law, analyzing potential avenues for avoiding risk based on collaborations approved in other countries. Next it explores the viability of potential competition theories after the FTC’s unsuccessful challenge to the Meta/Within acquisition. Other articles cover the recent FTC staff report on “dark patterns” that could violate consumer protection rules and critique a new DOJ approach to private equity firms and interlocking directorates. Rounding out the issue is an informative interview with South ­Africa’s Competition Commissioner.