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Antitrust Magazine Online | June 2022

Volume 21, Issue 5

In This Issue

Interview with Brenda Hernández

Brenda Hernandez

Brenda Hernandez speaks about COFECE’s priorities, navigating the current political environment, its relationship with the Mexican telecommunications regulator, international cooperation, and its use…

Jun 27, 2022 16 min read

Interview with Cani Fernández

Cani Fernandez

Cani Fernandez speaks about heading Spain’s CNMC, its relationship with Spain’s regional competition agencies, Spain’s merger thresholds, EU Member State referrals to the EC, the agency’s experience…

Jun 27, 2022 20 min read

Interview with Ioannis Lianos

Ioannis Lianos

Ioannis Lianos speaks about taking over leadership of Greece’s competition agency, reforms to allow the agency to address the digital economy, the impact of Covid-19, and the importance of internatio…

Jun 27, 2022 37 min read

Interview with Rahat K. Hassan

Rahat Kaunain Hassan

Rahat Hassan discusses the development of competition law in Pakistan, the challenges of applying competition law in Pakistan, its seminal sugar cartel case, its relationship with other regulators, c…

Jun 27, 2022 24 min read