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What’s New in Antitrust and Tech? Unpacking FTC v. Amazon

Jana Irina Seidl and Barry Nigro

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In September 2023, the Federal Trade Commission and 17 states filed a massive, landmark antitrust lawsuit against Amazon, alleging that Amazon engaged in anti-competitive and unfair practices to expand and maintain an illegal monopoly in two online markets, the market for marketplace services, where sellers buy services from Amazon, and the consumer-facing market for online superstores. The complaint focuses on two main theories: anti-discounting and tying Prime eligibility to Amazon's fulfillment services. Adam Kovacevich, Founder and CEO of Chamber of Progress, speaks about the potential consequences of this suit for antitrust enforcement, consumers, and other companies. Tune in to find out more about the complaint, its potential consequences for antitrust enforcement, consumers, and other firms competing in the online marketplace.