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Our Curious Amalgam

What's Happening in New Zealand, Israel, and Norway? Catching Up With International Enforcers at the 2024 Spring Meeting

Alicia L. Downey and Jaclyn Phillips

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While on site at the ABA Antitrust Law Section's Annual Spring Meeting in April 2024, the Our Curious Amalgam team sat down with competition regulators from around the world to talk about their current and future enforcement priorities. We also got to know them a little better as people. In this episode, Alicia Downey finds out what's happening in New Zealand with Andrew Riseley, the General Counsel and General Manager of the Legal Services branch of the New Zealand Commerce Commission. Following that is Alicia's interview with Joshua Sherman, the Chief Economist of the Israel Competition Authority. The episode concludes as Jaclyn Phillips speaks with Tina Søreide, the General Manager of the Norwegian Competition Authority.