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Our Curious Amalgam

What's Happening in Canada, Brazil, and Taiwan? Conversations With Competition Law Enforcers at the 2023 Spring Meeting

Alicia L. Downey and Anora Yangjun Wang

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The 2023 Annual Spring Meeting of the ABA Antitrust Law Section offered the Our Curious Amalgam team a chance to speak with international competition law enforcers from around the world. In this episode, we ask Matthew Boswell, Commissioner of the Canadian Competition Bureau, Alexandre Cordeiro Macedo, President of CADE in Brazil, and Dr. Chih-Min (Andy) Chen, Vice Chairperson of the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission, about their respective agencies' enforcement priorities, what trends they see on the horizon, and what advocates with matters before their agencies should do to be most effective. As a bonus, listeners will also get to know our distinguished guests a little better on a personal level.