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Our Curious Amalgam

Too Political or Not Political Enough? A Debate on the Relationship Between Antitrust Enforcement and Democracy

Sergei Boris Zaslavsky and Melissa H. Maxman

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There are many debates in the antitrust world today, but none is as fundamental as the discussion over the core purpose of antitrust. Should antitrust law be solely concerned with economic efficiency, or is it also a tool for upholding and promoting our democratic political values? Spencer Waller, law professor at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, and Geoffrey Manne, founder of the International Center for Law and Economics, debate this important question with hosts Sergei Zaslavsky and Melissa Maxman. Listen to this episode to hear competing perspectives on such key issues as the connection between economic and political power, the proper role of different branches of government in shaping antitrust policy, and much more.