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Is It Time To Burst the Bubble? Antitrust Law in the Age of the Polycrisis

Bernard A Nigro Jr and Matthew Hall

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The issue of antitrust law has been a hot topic, especially outside the United States, where the focus has been solely on promoting efficiency. In light of the current global polycrisis and the increasing concentration and power of corporations in numerous sectors, some experts are questioning whether this bubble should be popped. Dr. Cristina Caffarra, a leading competition economist, recently participated in a Brussels conference in January 2024, which was described as the "Anti-Davos" and "Woodstock of Antitrust". In this conference, Dr. Caffarra discussed the broader issues that antitrust and competition law enforcement should consider. In this episode, Barry Nigro and Matthew Hall talk to Dr. Caffarra about the conference and why antitrust law should be approached from a more expansive perspective than just efficiency and narrow consumer welfare. They also discuss the link between antitrust law and trade and industrial policy. Tune in to learn more about the "Antitrust, Regulation, and the Next World Order" conference led by Dr. Caffarra.