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Is It Time to Rethink Section 230? The Debate Over the Liability Exemption for Internet Platforms

Alicia L. Downey and Christina Chu Ma

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Section 230 of the 1996 federal Communications Decency Act immunizes online platforms from civil liability based on third-party content as well as for removing such content in certain circumstances. Twenty-five years after its enactment, has this immunity gone too far in protecting the behemoth internet companies from accountability and facilitating their pervasive growth and online presence? In this episode, co-hosts Alicia Downey and Christina Ma talk to O’Melveny partner Tod Cohen, a former in-house legal and public policy counsel for a number of prominent social media and e-commerce companies, about the connection between Section 230 and antitrust concerns regarding certain Internet platforms, and why Section 230 has become such a focal point of controversy. Listen to this episode to learn why Section 230 will likely continue to be making headlines in the world of antitrust and consumer protection.