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Regulating A.I.: Competition Enhancing or a Barrier to Entry?

Sean M Flaim, Amir Ghavi, Danica R Noble, and Jacqui Kappler

There is one topic on which Big Tech CEOs and FTC Chair Lina Khan seem to agree: A.I. should be regulated. As A.I. becomes the cornerstone of many software products and startup companies, would regulating A.I. make markets more competitive or would it create barriers to entry and expansion while entrenching leadership positions for companies that had a first mover advantage?

The panel discussion examines the challenge of regulating artificial intelligence (AI) without stifling innovation, proposing adaptive regulations and initiatives to inspire innovation. Speakers emphasize the need for a deep understanding of AI models before enacting regulations to prevent unintended consequences. Current regulatory efforts, including enforcement actions by agencies like the FTC, prioritize addressing discriminatory AI, fraudulent practices, and protecting vulnerable communities. Additionally, there's consideration of the market effects of generative AI on creators, with a recognition of historical trends where technological advancements have expanded market opportunities.