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Google Search Trial Closings Recap & Reactions

Kristen Ward Broz, Aldo A Badini, and Dina Srinivasan

Don't have time to listen to closings in the historic DOJ/Google search trial? We've got you covered with a timely panel following the closings.

Explore the most compelling evidence presented by the DOJ, Google's responses, and how these align with legal frameworks. Uncover insights into the role of economics in shaping trial narratives and discover key takeaways from the proceedings. Led by legal experts deeply immersed in the case, this program offers an in-depth examination of the complexities surrounding the Google antitrust dispute. From dissecting advertising markets to analyzing the impact of artificial intelligence, gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of antitrust regulation. Whether you're a legal professional or a curious observer, this program provides a unique opportunity to engage with cutting-edge legal issues.