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Criminal Antitrust Trials

Niall Edmund Lynch, Heather Steiner Nyong'o, and Jariel A Rendell

This program is the fourth installment in the Cartel & Criminal Practice Committees “Criminal Antitrust Enforcement & Defense” series. Join us for an immersive webinar exploring a diverse array of topics essential to understanding the dynamics of criminal antitrust trials.

We begin by unraveling the distinctive aspects that set these trials apart, delving into what makes them uniquely challenging and complex. From the initial indictment process to navigating pre-trial motions, our expert panel will illuminate the procedural intricacies that shape the course of these high-stakes legal proceedings. Diving deeper, we will explore the critical components of trial strategy, including the art of jury selection and dealing with witness testimony. Attendees will gain invaluable perspectives on crafting effective trial themes for both prosecution and defense.

Whether you're a seasoned litigator or a legal scholar seeking to deepen your understanding of criminal antitrust trials, this webinar offers a comprehensive exploration of best practices and emerging trends in the field.