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Antitrust in Our Age - The Meaning and Significance of Brown Shoe

Daniel Simon Francis, Martha Samuelson, Richard G Parker, Rohan Kochikar Pai, and Susan Athey

The Unilateral Conduct Committee presents a deep dive into the historic 1962 Supreme Court decision in Brown Shoe Co., Inc. v. United States. This enlightening session explores the multifaceted interpretations and lasting impact of this pivotal antitrust case.

The Brown Shoe decision by the Supreme Court is one of the great Rorschach tests of antitrust. It covers a range of issues, from market definition and effects analysis to the core purpose of competition and consumer protection law. It has been interpreted in countless ways by courts, agencies, and scholars. Therefore, it's important to understand what Brown Shoe really means. Is it an outdated relic of the past or an authoritative guide to the future?

Our panel will unveil the layers of complexity surrounding Brown Shoe and explore its legacy as a cornerstone of antitrust jurisprudence. Participants will gain a nuanced understanding of how Brown Shoe has shaped legal frameworks, influenced judicial reasoning, and sparked ongoing debate within the field of antitrust law.