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The Price of Price-Gouging Laws

States of emergency declared in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic have triggered the application of price-gouging laws in many U.S. states and at the federal level seeking to prohibit excessive prices for essential products during an emergency. Ann O’Brien and Brady Cummins review the varying legislative approaches to price gouging, discuss the case for prohibitions on price gouging as well as the potential for such laws to suppress supply, and offer suggestions for improving price-gouging legislation in the future.

Government Contractors Beware: Implications of the DOJ’s New Procurement Collusion Strike Force

With the COVID-19 pandemic and economic stimulus leading to more and more government contracting, the DOJ’s new Procurement Collusion Strike Force wants to prevent federal, state, and local government programs becoming a target for fraudsters and price fixers. Vic Domen, Gerald Stein, and Amanda Wait put the initiative in its historical context and offer government contractors best practices for antitrust compliance.