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Refining, Not Redefining, Market Definition: A Decade Under the 2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines

The issuance of new Horizontal Merger Guidelines in 2010 by the DOJ and FTC prompted much discussion over the role market definition would play in future merger reviews. A decade later, Adam Di Vincenzo, Brian Ryoo, and Joshua Wade explore how the antitrust agencies and courts have used the Guidelines to sharpen their analyses of the markets in which merging firms compete.

Navigating Icebergs: A Brief Survey of Non-Reportable Transaction Enforcement Around the World

With many merger control regimes around the globe now allowing for the antitrust review of non-reportable transactions, merging parties can find themselves facing unexpected risks. Rebecca Farrington, Daniel Rosenthal, and Nicholas Putz survey several geographically diverse jurisdictions in which transactions that are not subject to mandatory filing requirements may still face antitrust review.