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Algorithmic Price Discrimination on Online Platforms and Antitrust Enforcement in China’s Digital Economy

Wei Han, Yajie Gao, and Ai Deng discuss the antitrust implications of “Shashu” practices––algorithmic price discrimination by online platforms where longer-term customers are charged less favorable prices ––in China. They explore the potential challenges of applying China’s antitrust law to algorithmic price discrimination and offer some suggestions on how to structure the analysis.

Understanding the Role of Computing Infrastructure in Economic Analysis in the Changing World of “Big Data”

Continuing our series of articles explaining complex antitrust economics principles to lawyers, Allan Shampine, Loren Poulsen, and Michael Sabor offer a very practical look at how progress in computing infrastructure and developments in data availability and size have opened up exciting new possibilities for economic analysis. The authors illustrate the new challenges economic consultants are faced with, what equipment and software are being used to deal with these challenges, and how to avoid or mitigate potential issues.