Supplementary Materials & Corrections

Appendix, Profits: Evidence from the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
Ajay Bhaskarabhatla (83:1-2020) 

2020 Update, Antitrust Law Journal, Frequency of Citations in Federal Court Antitrust Opinions

Appendix, vGUPPI: Scoring Unilateral Pricing Incentives in Vertical Mergers
Serge Moresi & Steven C. Salop (79:1-2013)

Appendix, Cross-Market Hospital Mergers: A Holistic Approach
Gregory S. Vistnes & Yianis Sarafidis (79:1-2013)

Appendices, Antitrust Immunity Grants to Joint Venture Agreements: Evidence from International Airline Alliances
by William Gillespie and Oliver M. Richard (78:2-2012)

Appendix II, Cartels, Corporate Compliance, and What Practitioners Really Think About Enforcement
by D. Daniel Sokol (78:1-2012)

Correction, Antitrust for Institutional Investors
Edward B. Rock & Daniel L. Rubinfeld (82:1-2018)