November 19, 2018

Volume 81 Issue 2

Volume 81 Issue 2



Editor’s Note: Assessing Conditional Pricing
Su Sun

Empirical Evidence on Conditional Pricing Practices: A Review
Bogdan Genchev and Julie Holland Mortimer

The Raising Rivals' Cost Foreclosure Paradigm, Conditional Pricing Practices, and the Flawed Incremental Price-cost Test
Steven C. Salop

Countering Exclusion: The Complainant's Obligation
Jonathan M. Jacobson and Daniel P. Weick

Richard M. Steuer

The Competitive Effects of Loyalty Discounts in a Model of Competition Implied by the Discount Attribution Test
Sean Durkin

All-units Discounts by a Dominant Producer Threatened by Partial Entry
Michael A. Salinger

On the Use of Price-cost Tests in Loyalty Discounts and Exclusive Dealing Arrangements: Which Implications from Economic Theory Should Be Drawn?
Chiara Fumagalli and Massimo Motta

Afterword: Calibrating the Lexicon of Conditional Pricing Practices
Kelly Smith Fayne


Tacit Agreement under Section 1 of the Sherman Act
William H. Page

Statistical Significance and Statistical Error in Antitrust Analysis
Phillip Johnson, Edward Leamer, and Jeffrey Leitzinger