February 12, 2020

Volume 79 Issue 1


Striking the Proper Balance: Redress Under Section 13(b) of the FTC Act  
J. Howard Beales III & Timothy J. Muris

Fixing FRAND: A Pseudo-Pool Approach to Standards-Based Patent Licensing 
Jorge L. Contreras

Antitrust by Analogy: Developing Rules for Loyalty Rebates and Bundled Discounts 
Sean P. Gates

Beyond Refusal to Deal: A Cross-Atlantic View of Copyright, Competition, and Innovation Policies 
Ariel Katz & Paul-Erik Veel

Objective and Subjective Theories of Concerted Action 
William H. Page

Learned Hand, ALCOA, and the Reluctant Application of the Sherman Act 
Marc Winerman & William E. Kovacic


Pass-Through Rates in the Real World: The Effect of Price Points and Menu Costs 
Alexei Alexandrov

Market Definition: Impossible and Counterproductive 
Louis Kaplow

The Protected Profits Benchmark: Responses to Comments 
Steven C. Salop