February 12, 2020

Volume 78 Issue 2

In Regulators We Trust: The Supreme Court's New Approach To Implied Antitrust Immunity
Richard M. Brunell

Taking Innovation Seriously: Antitrust Enforcement If Innovation Mattered Most
Tim Wu

Microsoft : a remedial success?
David A. Heiner

Antitrust, Innovation, And Product Design In Platform Markets: Microsoft And Intel
William H. Page and Seldon J. Childers

The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good: The Antitrust Objections To The Google Books Settlement
Marina Lao

Antitrust Immunity Grants To Joint Venture Agreements: Evidence From International Airline Alliances
William Gillespie and Oliver M. Richard

The Rule Of Reason And The Goals Of Antitrust: An Economic Approach
Roger D. Blair and D. Daniel Sokol


The Limits Of Antitrust And Patent Holdup: A Reply To Cary et al.
Bruce H. Kobayashi and Joshua D. Wright