February 12, 2020

Volume 77 Issue 2


An Economic Approach to Price Fixing
Louis Kaplow

Merger Simulation in an Administrative Context
Jonathan B. Baker

Structural Approaches to Estimating Overcharges in Price-Fixing Cases
J. Douglas Zona

Correlation And Regression Analysis in Antitrust Class Certification
Michelle M. Burtis and Darwin V. Neher

The Economics of Common Impact in Antitrust Class Certification
Paul A. Johnson

Rigorous Analysis of Class Certification Comes of Age
John H. Johnson and Gregory K. Leonard


Comments and Replies

“Tally-Ho!”: UPP and the 2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines
James A. Keyte and Kenneth B. Schwartz

The 2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines: Evolution, Not Revolution
Christine A. Varney

Comment on Muris and Smith, “Antitrust and Bundled Discounts: An Experimental Analysis”
Patrick Greenlee, David Reitman, and David S. Sibley

Antitrust and Bundled Discounts: An Experimental Analysis—A Reply
Timothy J. Muris, Vernon L. Smith, Anil Caliskan, and Bruce H. Kobayashi

How Exclusivity is Used to Intensify Competition For Distribution—Reply to Zenger
Benjamin Klein and Kevin M. Murphy