February 12, 2020

Volume 77 Issue 1


Ties That Bind: Policies to Promote (Good) Patent Pools
Richard J. Gilbert

The 2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines: From Hedgehog to Fox in Forty Years
Carl Shapiro

Outpost Years for a Start-up Agency: The FTC from 1921-1925
Marc Winerman and William E. Kovacic

When Does Exclusive Dealing Intensify Competition for Distribution?
Comment on Klein and Murphy

Hans Zenger

Editor's Note
Marina Lao

Did We Avoid Historical Failures of Antitrust Enforcement During the 2008-2009 Financial Crisis?
Daniel A. Crane

Optimal Antitrust Enforcement, Dynamic Competition, and Changing Economic Conditions
Keith N. Hylton and Haizhen Lin

Too Big to Bail: The Role of Antitrust in Distressed Industries
Darren Bush

Lessons from the Financial Crisis
Maurice E. Stucke