February 12, 2020

Volume 76 Issue 3


Recapture, Pass-Through, and Market Definition
Joseph Farrell and Carl Shapiro

Does Monopoly Broth Make Bad Soup?
Daniel A. Crane

Real Knowledge Is to Know the Extent of One's Own Ignorance: On the Consumer Harm Approach in Innovation-Related Competition Cases
Josef Drexl

Refusals to Deal and Price Squeezes by an Unregulated, Vertically Integrated Monopolist
Steven C. Salop

Harmonizing Essential Facilities
Spencer Weber Waller and William Tasch

Unilateral, Anticompetitive Acquisitions of Dominance or Monopoly Power
Avishalom Tor

Excessive Pricing, Entry, Assessment, and Investment: Lessons from the Mittal Litigation
Ariel Ezrachi and David Gilo

The Follower Phenomenon: Implications for the Design of Monopolization Rules in a Global Economy
Michal S. Gal and A. Jorge Padilla

Competition Policy and the Application of Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act
William E. Kovacic and Marc Winerman

Convergence in the Treatment of Dominant Firm Conduct: The United States, The European Union, and the Institutional Embeddedness of Economics
David J. Gerber

Afterword: Putting Monopoly Law into Practice
D. Bruce Hoffman