Volume 82 Issue 2

Volume 82 Issue 2



  1. Donald Turner, Vertical Restraints, and the Inhospitality Tradition of Antitrust Mark Niefer


  1. Editor’s Note: Some Clarity and More Questions in Health Care Antitrust by Nathan E. Wilson
  2. The Continuing Saga of Hospital Merger Enforcement by Cory Capps, Laura Kmitch, Zenon Zabinski, and Slava Zayats
  3. Accounting for Complementarities in Hospital Mergers: Is a Substitute Needed for Current Approaches? by Kathleen F. Easterbrook, Gautam Gowrisankaran, Dina Older Aguilar, and Yufei Wu
  4. A Review of the Economic Literature on Cross-Market Health Care Mergers by Keith Brand and Ted Rosenbaum
  5. Provider Consolidation and Potential Efficiency Gains: A Review of Theory and Evidence by Hannah Neprash and J. Michael McWilliams
  6. Taking Stock of the Efficiencies Defense: Lessons from Recent Health Care Merger Reviews and Challenges by Norman Armstrong, Jr., and Subramaniam Ramanarayanan
  7. Digital Health Data and Information Sharing: A New Frontier for Health care Competition? by Lucia Savage, Martin Gaynor, and Julia Adler-Milstein
  8. Are You Pushing Too Hard? Lower Negotiated Input Prices as a Merger Efficiency by Mark A. Israel, Thomas A. Stemwedel, and Ka Hei Tse
  9. Up or Down? The Price Effects of Market Intermediary Mergers by David Dranove, Dov Rothman, and David Toniatti
  10. Pharmaceutical Product Hopping: Is There a Role for Antitrust by Bret Dickey, Kun Huang, and Daniel L. Rubinfeld
  11.   Excessive Drug Pricing As An Antitrust Violation by Harry First




  1.             Merges, Merger Control, and Remedies: A Response to the Vita-Osinski Critique by John Kwoka