August 28, 2020

#76 - What's Ahead in Pharmaceutical Antitrust Enforcement? Taking Stock of Key Pharmaceutical Issues and Enforcement Actions

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Although there is little question as to the need for affordable, accessible, and high-quality pharmaceuticals, there is immense disagreement as to how best to achieve that end. What are the key issues facing pharmaceutical antitrust enforcement today? Michael Kades, Director of Markets and Competition Policy for the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, joins Christina Ma and John Roberti to discuss the current state of pay-for-delay, the FTC's Daraprim case, FTC restitution before SCOTUS, and biologics. Listen to this episode for a quick primer on things to pass and things to come in pharmaceutical antitrust enforcement.


Michael Kades, Director, Competition Policy, Washington Center for Equitable Growth

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Christina Ma, Associate, Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz and John Roberti, Partner, Allen & Overy