#97 What Happens to a Prosecution Deferred? DOJ’s Approach to Criminal Investigations


The Department of Justice Antitrust Division enjoys many tools to hone its criminal investigations, including many designed to incentivize cooperation from potential defendants. But how do Deferred Prosecution Agreements differ from the leniency program, and when might the Antitrust Division choose to negotiate one? Jon Jacobs, a seasoned antitrust trial lawyer and DOJ alumnus, joins Christina Ma and Matt Harper to examine how Deferred Prosecution Agreements factor into the Antitrust Division’s criminal investigation and when Deferred Prosecution Agreements might be expected in the future. Listen to this episode to learn more about Deferred Prosecution Agreements and how the Antitrust Division uses them.


Jon B. Jacobs, Partner, Perkins Coie

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Criminal Antitrust Investigations (https://www.justice.gov/atr/page/file/1182001/download)

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Christina Ma and Matt Harper

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