#95 Who is Ready for 2021? Year in Review: Part 3

The editorial staff of Our Curious Amalgam is teaming up with substantive ABA Antitrust Law Section committees to summarize the main antitrust and consumer protection events of 2020 and preview the trends to watch in 2021. In Part Three of a three-part series, Legislation, Federal Civil Enforcement, and Exemptions and Immunities committees provide incisive analysis of the key happenings and issues within their respective areas of expertise. Regular Our Curious Amalgam hosts Sergei Zaslavsky, John Roberti, Christina Ma, and Anora Wang, and special guest host, Ricardo Woolery, join to provide commentary and make sense of the year that was. Listen to this episode for a summary of the key antitrust and consumer protection themes of 2020.


Egi Troka, Legislation Committee; John Graubert and Kristen Limarzi, Federal Civil Enforcement Committee

Lisa Rumin and Steve Medlock, Exemptions and Immunities Committee

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Federal Civil Enforcement Committee: https://www.americanbar.org/groups/antitrust_law/committees/committee-fedcivilenf/
Exemptions and Immunities Committee:

Hosted by:

Sergei Zaslavsky, Anora Wang and Ricardo Woolery and Christina Ma and John Roberti

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