#102 What Is the State of the Section? A Midterm Talk With the Section Chair


Serving as the Chair of the ABA Antitrust Law Section is the culmination of years of hard work and dedicated service to the organization and its members. What has it been like to lead an international association of antitrust and consumer protection lawyers, regulators, economists, and academics during a global pandemic? As the Section gears up for its Virtual Spring Meeting online March 23-26, 2021, Section Chair Gary Zanfagna sat down at the midpoint of his one-year term to talk to co-hosts Alicia Downey and John Roberti about the state of the Section. Listen to this episode to hear Gary's perspectives on the future of antitrust and the Section's role in shaping that future.


Gary Zanfagna, 2020-21 Chair, ABA Antitrust Law Section & Partner, Paul Hastings LLP

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John Roberti, Allen & Overy LLP and Alicia Downey, Downey Law LLC

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