November 04, 2019

#14 What’s The State of Things: 3 Things I Keep, 3 Things I Change (with Josh Wright)

In our “Three to Keep, Three to Change” series, we ask antitrust thought leaders a simple yet provocative question. What three things do you like about antitrust law and would keep, and what three things would you change? In this episode, law and economics scholar and former FTC Commissioner Josh Wright speaks with John Roberti and Sergei Zaslavsky about independent economic analysis at the FTC, merger retrospectives, the value of dissents, the use of presumptions in merger cases, and more. Listen to this episode for an entertaining and wide-ranging discussion of everything from agency clearance battles to wrestling holds.

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Josh Wright // University Professor of Law // George Mason University

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Hosted by:

John Roberti, Allen & Overy and Sergei Zaslavsky, O’Melveny & Myers