September 30, 2019

#9 What Should Be Done? The Debate on How EU Competition Law Should Respond to China

A discussion of the increasing impact of Chinese companies on the EU and worldwide and how if at all EU competition law should adapt to take this into account.Georgios Petropoulos, Bruegel

Can and should EU competition law react to the rise of China? Our guest, Georgios Petropoulos, is an economist who has written extensively on the role of competition law in ensuring fair competition. In this episode, Georgios speaks with John Roberti and Matthew Hall about whether EU competition law and policies should be modified to allow for European champions to compete more robustly, and what other changes might be made. Listen to this episode to learn more about the options—and potential risks—to creating competition law exceptions to meet Chinese competition and the other EU law mechanisms that can be used instead.

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Georgios Petropoulos // Bruegel

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John Roberti, Allen & Overy LLP and Matthew Hall, McGuireWoods London LLP