August 12, 2019

#2 Is Leniency Dead? Long Live Leniency.

Companies and individuals in criminal cartels can avoid prosecution if they self-report to the leniency program at the U.S. Department of.  While this program has been hugely successful in cracking cartels for decades, a number of reports suggest that leniency applications and large-scale investigations are down overall.  Our guests, Lisa Phelan and Craig Lee, are former prosecutors who have been at the center of a number of the key cases driven by leniency. In this episode, Lisa and Craig talk with John Roberti and Wendy Waszmer about whether they believe that leniency applications may be down and, if so, what that means for cartel enforcement.  Listen to this episode to learn more about these global criminal investigations, how companies make decisions about whether or not to self-report criminal conduct, and the implications for a drop off in leniency applications.

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Lisa Phelan // Partner // Morrison Foerster
Craig Lee // Partner // Baker McKenzie