Chair's Message to Leadership

March 2021

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to provide an update on activities and initiatives the Section has been busy working on. As I said in my last message, it is truly an exciting time to be an antitrust, consumer protection, and data privacy expert.

This year’s Spring Meeting (our 69th) will set the stage for our continued exploration of the future of antitrust. Taking place virtually and within the first 100 days of a new administration, the Spring Meeting will feature a distinguished slate of practitioners, academics, elected officials, and enforcers who will enlighten and educate the public about various aspects of the future of antitrust. In addition to the diverse programming, the Spring Meeting will provide fantastic virtual networking opportunities that bring together over 2,000 attendees from around the world. 

Committee programming has been very active all year. The Section is on track to reach nearly 5,000 participants this fiscal year from committee programs alone. Committee program recordings are available online as a membership benefit, and I highly encourage you to browse the collection on the Section website under “Member Resources.”

Speaking of membership, I continue to be encouraged when I hear from various members about their experiences in the Section and how much they have benefitted from joining our community. The Section remains committed to increasing the diversity within our membership across genders, ethnic backgrounds, levels of experience, and the political spectrum. Please spread the word wherever possible and invite your colleagues to join the Section. It is up to all of us to advocate for the Section and promote membership.

Many different groups continue to collaborate on a strategic marketing plan to align with the Section’s Integrated Marketing Initiative (IMI), focusing on digital strategies. Regarding technology, we continue to improve the user experience on the website and ABA Connect. The Section’s podcast Our Curious Amalgam releases a new episode every week and remains a tremendous success, with listeners from over 60 countries.

As always, there are many platforms – in our publications, podcasts, periodicals, and programming – for you to express your views and contribute to the conversation.  I invite and encourage you to do so.

Many thanks to the extraordinary efforts from the Section’s Officers and Leadership. I hope to be reunited in person in the near future.

Gary Zanfagna
Chair, Antitrust Law Section | 2020 – 2021