Chair's Message to Leadership

August 2020

It is my privilege and pleasure to serve as Chair of the ABA Antitrust Law Section for the 2020-21 ABA fiscal year.  Welcome!

I want to start by thanking Brian Henry for his strong and successful leadership over the past year.  With innovative thinking and endless energy, Brian has left our Section stronger and better positioned for tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges.  I also want to thank our entire ABA Antitrust Law Section staff for their tireless dedication and support.  They are the heart and soul of our Section’s success.

This is an exciting time to be a member of our Section.  Antitrust is at an inflection point.  Our nation is debating the future of antitrust, and the conversation is happening everywhere – in the media, on Capitol Hill, in the election dialogue, as well as in our antitrust community. People are asking: Is antitrust is doing its job?  Is antitrust up to the challenges of 21st century competition? Do the rules need to be changed?

I firmly believe that the Antitrust Law Section should have a voice in the conversation.  As practitioners, we have a unique perspective on how the current antitrust laws work (and don’t work).  My focus as Chair is to elevate the conversation and ensure that our voice is heard.  My substantive theme for the year is the Future of Antitrust.  You will see this theme addressed and highlighted throughout the year.

  • In November, just a few days after the presidential election, the Fall Forum will host a discussion focused on several discrete aspects of the Future of Antitrust, including the role of antitrust in times of national emergency, the future of economics in antitrust, and the future of antitrust agencies.
  •  In January, regardless of the outcome of the election, the Section will submit to the incoming administration a Presidential Transition Report that addresses critical enforcement issues under the current antitrust, consumer protection, and privacy laws.
  • In March at the Spring Meeting, the Chair’s Showcase program will host a diverse group of leading thinkers to discuss the question of whether legislative reforms are needed and, if so, what they should be.

There will be many opportunities throughout the year – in our publications, podcasts, periodicals, and programming – for you to express your views and contribute to the conversation.  I invite and encourage you to do so.

Like antitrust as a whole, our Section is also at an inflection point. The world has transformed around us. Technology has changed the way we work and live in a lasting way. The quality of our publications and programming is as high as ever, but we should guard against complacency. In order to devlier on our core Vision and Mission, the Section must continue to grow and meet the evolving expectations of our current and future members.

Our Vision is to help all professionals in our field be successful and productive. Our Mission is to develop indispensable content, programming, and opportunities for our community and deliver them in ways they want and expect.  We have plans to move us into the future in two critical areas: membership growth and content modernization.  We owe thanks to Brian Henry for kicking off this forward-looking initiative last year, and to Jonathan Gleklen and Tom Zych for being a critical part of the planning and implementation of this initiative.

I am thrilled about this coming year – including the Section’s efforts to provide thought leadership in the conversation about the future of antitrust and the Section’s commitment to delivering on our core Vision and Mission through membership growth and content modernization. I look forward to working with you throughout the year.  Thanks very much.

Gary Zanfagna
Section Chair 2020-2021