Chair's Message to Leadership

August 2019

Welcome to a new year in the Antitrust Law Section, THE leading global association for competition, consumer protection, and data privacy lawyers and professionals. And yes, pursuant to new ABA branding guidelines, we are no longer the “Section of Antitrust Law”.

A new name, a new logo, and exciting initiatives and opportunities for Section members.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a member of our Section. Enhanced Section operations will be a high priority this year with my appointment of six Special Operations Teams—increased focus on marketing, leadership development, podcasts, our periodicals line-up, evaluation of the efficiency of our overall operations, and enhancing the Section’s relationship with ABA Chicago and other ABA groups. Our six substantive Task Forces reflect our continued commitment to tracking and commenting on enforcement policies and approaches proposed by agencies worldwide and also studying the implications of big data, federal and state privacy legislation, and the future of global competition law standards of analysis.

The Section will also continue to contribute to increasing the knowledge and skills of our members through an amazing array of world-class programming and publications, including our signature Spring Meeting, our new In-House Institute, The Tech Summit (Fall Forum), Antitrust Law Journal, Antitrust Magazine, and Antitrust Source, as well as our committee webinars and newsletters, our Global Seminar Series (Tel-Aviv, Copenhagen, and Sydney), and core CLE programming including our Cartel Workshop and Antitrust in Asia.

One strength of the Section is the unparalleled networking opportunity that it offers. This year we will hold twelve Regional Networking Receptions around the country to bring members of similar interests and expertise together, and committees will have the opportunity to cosponsor these events. Your active participation in the Section will enable you to develop stronger bonds and new friendships within the global competition, consumer protection, and data privacy legal communities. We seek to strengthen connections and enhance communications among all members of those communities—government and non-government, plaintiff and defense, public interest and academic, in-house and outside counsel, large firm and small, experienced professionals and those just starting their careers. Our membership reflects the most talented, generous and collegial professionals anywhere.

This year, I hope you will build many new relationships and renew and strengthen connections with old friends. Please promote the benefits of Section membership to others, particularly younger lawyers and those outside the United States. The Section owes its many successes to the extraordinary commitment of your time, talent, initiative, and innovation.

And please, please, please do not forget to offer a word of thanks to our tireless Staff who devote countless regular and overtime hours to ensuring that Section trains always run on time.

Thanks for being a member!

Brian R. Henry
Chair, 2019-2020

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