March 07, 2019

Spring Meeting Course Materials Samples

Programming lies at the heart of Section activities and this year our programming kept us active. Our calendar year validates Antitrust Globally.  Please mark your calendar to join us.

•     October 18-20—Antitrust Masters Course in Cambridge, MD

•     October 26 —Antitrust Mergers Workshop in San Francisco

•     October 31 —Global Seminar Series: Hong Kong

•     November 15—Fall Forum in Washington DC

•     February 5—Consumer Protection Conference in Nashville

•     March 27-29—The Spring Meeting in Washington DC

•     May—Antitrust in the Americas Conference in Buenos Aires

•     June 17—Global Private Litigation Workshop in Berlin

•     London & New Delhi are in the works.

Details are online.  Registration is now open. Don’t miss out!

Subrata Bhattacharjee
2018-19 Program Officer

Note:These are collective CLE submissions for a session.  One paper will not suffice.


Eyes on the 1-800 Prize

FTC Part 3 Proceedings: Preparing for the Test Case

HSR Exemptions: Running Out of Gas?

Strategically Fixing a Merger (Combined panel submission)