Global Seminar Series: Sydney

GSS: Sydney

GSS: Sydney

ABA Antitrust Law Section GSS: Sydney
Date is February 6, 2020

Riding the Wave of Regulation On Digital Platforms

Australia has made a significant contribution to the global debate on whether changes in competition and consumer protection laws are needed to address large multi-sided technology platforms.  In a world first, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (“ACCC”) made wide-reaching recommendations for reform after undertaking an 18 month market study of digital platforms (the Digital Platforms Inquiry), focusing on the impact of digital platforms on media and journalism as well as competition in advertising services markets.  Our Global Seminar Series in Sydney will be the first to examine how the ACCC’s recommendations have been implemented, how the marketplace is responding and whether the Australian model should be exported to other jurisdictions that are grappling with these same issues. 

Our key note speaker, Rod Sims, Chair of the ACCC, will set the stage for a series of interactive debates among stakeholders representing different perspectives on the competition, consumer protection, privacy and economic issues implicated by the regulation of digital platforms and the Australian reforms.  

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