How Are Consumers Being Protected In The Wake Of Covid-19 Travel Cancellations: Where Do We Stand Globally? - Feb 28, 2021

Over the past few months, consumer protection agencies around the world have had to quickly step up and address the significant consequence of COVID-19 related travel cancellations on both consumers and businesses. Being mindful of the struggles facing businesses in the travel industry, including managing cancellations and financial implications, but also the importance of fair treatment of consumers who are also facing significant hardship at this time, our panel of enforcers from the UK Competition and Markets Authority, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, and US Federal Trade Commission will discuss their experience managing COVID-19 cancellations, including through lockdown laws and government guidance. Our panel will also discuss divergences between jurisdictions, trends and best practices as we continue to maneuver our way through the pandemic.


James Musgrove - McMillan


Nicholas Heys - Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

Maureen Ohlhausen - Baker Botts LLP

Cecilia Parker Aranha - Competition and Markets Authority

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