Young Lawyers and Professionals Advisory Panel

Young Lawyers Advisory Panel

  • Moya Ball (IBM, Senior Attorney, Data Privacy (New York, NY)
  • Veronica Canton (Lecturer, Notre Dame Law School), 
  • Yeshevini Chandar (JD Candidate 2021,  Drexel Kline School of Law, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Smriti Chandrashekar (Hintze Law PLLC, Seattle, WA)
  • Christopher Frascella (JD Candidate 2021, George  Washington University School of Law, Washington, DC) 
  • Sasha Hondagneu-Messner (Sidley Austin, New York, NY)
  • Michael Hubbard (Wiggin And Dana, New Haven, CT)
  • Erik King (Sessions, Fishman, Nathan & Israel, Tampa, FL)
  • Celine Rodriguez* (JD Candidate 2021, Stetson University College of Law, Gulfport, FL)
  • Leonidas Theodosiou (Morgan Lewis & Bockius, London, UK), Brooke Willis* (JD Candidate 2022, Texas A &M Law School, Fort Worth, TX)

*= Student Ambassadors 

Dear ABA Members and Friends of ALS/PRIS,

The Antitrust Law Section’s Privacy and Information Security Committee (PRIS) is one of the ABA’s premier groups for developments in privacy, information and data security, providing updates on major developments. Throughout the year, we work on privacy issues relating to law enforcement, rulemakings, and business guidance from the FTC, DOJ, Commerce, CFPB, FCC, other federal agencies, state attorneys general, divisions of the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council, and their international counterparts.

Please find below a new PRIS initiative for students, and young lawyers/economists/technologists.

Privacy and Information Security Young Lawyer and Professionals Advisory Panel


PRIS is seeking members for its inaugural Young Lawyer and Professionals Advisory Panel (YLAP). (Note: Eligible participants include lawyers, economists or technologists who have either: (1) been practicing/working for less than ten (10) years, or (2) are under the age of 36.)

YLAP members will be afforded leadership development opportunities and be involved in various PRIS initiatives. Activities may include assisting PRIS with developing and hosting programming and projects, authoring articles for the Committee's various publications such as the “What's in Store” Newsletter, the seminal Consumer Protection Law Developments treatise, and  serving as recorders of Committee programs. In addition to receiving publication credit and being "in the know" about privacy and data security developments, joining the YLAP is a great way to get involved in the Antitrust Law Section and to network with leading practitioners. The panel holds brief monthly calls to discuss and exchange ideas for publication and discuss upcoming Committee volunteer opportunities and events.

Each YLAP member is expected to attend four committee programs (virtual meetings or teleseminars and one in-person) programs and publish at least one article and one program summary a year. Articles are generally relatively short (1000-2500 words) but substantive, offering commentary/perspective rather than just summarizing a news item. Finally, YLAP members are encouraged to help develop programs, podcasts and other activities.  

Writing topics may include:

  • Major court decisions (U.S. and international)
  • New or interesting agency activities, cases, settlements/consent decrees, or policy statements, economics and cutting edge technology developments  (U.S. and or international)
  • Interviews of current or former judges, government privacy/consumer protection/antitrust officials, prominent practitioners, etc.
  • Coverage of Privacy and Information Security Committee and related programs
  • Development of tools useful for Section growth and professional development

All of these are just starting points. PRIS is interested in leadership development. Members are free to pick any topic and manner of engagement that interests them. To get involved, contact Co-Chairs, Deon Woods Bell ( or Aryeh Friedman (

Best regards,

Co-Chairs, Privacy and Information Security Committee

Deon Woods Bell                     

Aryeh Friedman


Antitrust Law Section Co-Chair, Committee Operations

  • Layne Kruse (Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP, Houston, TX)

 Consumer Protection Officer

  • Paula Martucci (Walmart, Bentonville, Arkansas)

Young Lawyer Representatives

  • Jessica Taticchi (Morgan Lewis & Bockius, Philadelphia, PA) 
  • Ricardo Woolery (Fe, Washington, DC)