2010 Steiger Fellows

The Janet D. Steiger Fellowship Project provides law students the extraordinary opportunity to work in the consumer protection departments of state and territorial Offices of Attorneys General throughout the United States. The eight-week paid Fellowships were initiated in 2004 by the ABA Section of Antitrust Law, in cooperation with the National Association of Attorneys General ("NAAG"), as a consumer protection outreach initiative to introduce law students to the rewards of legal careers in public service.

The first and second year law students who have served as Steiger Fellows have characterized their experiences as truly rewarding, often well beyond their expectations. A number of students have said that for the first time they are considering law careers in public service, and several have already entered public service upon graduation.

2010 Janet D. Steiger Fellows


Steiger Fellow



Natalie M. Loebner Alaska University of Washington School of Law
Matthew D. Swindle Arkansas University of Arkansas at Little Rock, William H. Bowen School of Law
Calista Wu California Loyola Law School
Rodney H. Hill Delaware University of Pennsylvania Law School
Bryan B. Andersen Florida George Mason University School of Law
Francis M. Wakeford Georgia University of Georgia School of Law
Tyler J. Buller Iowa University of Iowa College of Law
Jacqueline M. Blaesi-Freed Kansas Washburn University School of Law
Matthew E. Mawby Maryland Tulane University Law School
Michele K. Reinhart Montana University of Montana School of Law
Paul J. Isso Nevada Wayne State University Law School
Michael G. Loggia New Hampshire Franklin Pierce Law Center
James C. Matthews New Mexico Washington University School of Law
Garrett H. Hooe New York University of Richmond School of Law
Jessica M. Beeman Ohio Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
Evangelo Theodosopoulos Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law
Joyce Y. Young Texas University of Texas School of Law
David S. Welch Virginia University of Richmond School of Law
Timothy M. Dustan Washington University of Richmond School of Law
Brian M. Deitz West Virginia Emory University School of Law