Janet D. Steiger Fellowship Project

  • Jake Bernstein,  2006 Washington Steiger Fellow

In its sixteenth year, the Janet D. Steiger Fellowship Project offers paid summer clerkships for law students to work on consumers protection issues in the offices of State Attorneys General across the country.

2020 Janet D. Steiger Fellowship Recipients

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Janet Steiger was chairperson of the Federal Trade Commission from August 11, 1989 to April 11, 1995.

Consumer Protection Fellowship Project is in Sixteenth Year

The Janet D. Steiger Fellowship Project provides law students the extraordinary opportunity to work in the consumer protection departments of state and territorial Offices of Attorneys General and other consumer protection agencies, including the National Association of Attorneys General and the Attorney General’s Office of the District of Columbia, throughout the United States. The eight to ten-week paid Fellowships were initiated in 2004 by the ABA Antitrust Law Section, in cooperation with the National Association of Attorneys General, as a consumer protection outreach initiative to introduce law students to the rewards of legal careers in public service. A total of 390 Steiger Fellowships have been awarded through the summer of 2019.

The law students who have served as Steiger Fellows have characterized their experiences as truly rewarding, often well beyond their expectations. A number of students have said that for the first time they are considering law careers in public service, and several have already entered public service upon graduation.

Each of the highly motivated Steiger Fellows provides tangible, meaningful assistance to states, territories and other consumer protection agencies that are in substantial need of additional resources to fulfill their consumer protection mission. Offices that have hosted Steiger Fellows in the past have characterized the Fellows’ work as exemplary and have often described the students as some of the most talented interns the offices have ever attracted.

The Council of the Section approved funding for states and other entities to participate in the 2020 Steiger Fellowship Project. Each selected student will receive a $6,000 stipend (subject to certain federal taxes and administered through the offices of the various consumer protection agencies). This Project continues to be a tribute to the memory of the late Janet D. Steiger, one of America’s great public servants who, during her remarkable tenure as FTC Chairman, dramatically improved cooperation, communication and coordination between state and federal consumer protection and antitrust enforcement agencies.

The locations that receiving Steiger Fellows during the summer of 2020 are:

  • Arkansas | Connecticut | Delaware | District of Columbia | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Maryland | Massachusetts | Minnesota | Mississippi | Montana | National Association of Attorney Generals | Nebraska | Nevada |  Northern Mariana Island | Pennsylvania | Puerto Rico | Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Washington | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming 


Applications will be reviewed after the deadline date of October 25, 2019.
Please note: Applicants who do not currently have law school transcripts and writing samples must submit them as soon as they become available.


Past Janet D. Steiger Fellowship Recipients