Dr. Juliana Oliveria Domingues

Dr. Juliana Oliveira Domingues is a Professor of Economic Law, Antitrust Law and Trade Remedies. In dawn of the century, thrilled by the strengthening of the effective antitrust enforcement in Brazil when the Brazilian Leniency Policy was seeing its kickoff, she turned her research during the master’s degree studies towards fighting international hard-core cartels in Brazil. In 2004, she submitted the first results of her research as a paper in a public contest of monographies hosted by the Brazilian Institute of Competition, Consumer and International Trade Affairs (“IBRAC”) and was awarded the "IBRAC-Esso Prize". She holds a master’s in law degree (2005) by the School of Law of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (“UFSC”). PhD. by the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo (“PUC-SP”) since 2011, her thesis focused on the export cartels as an antitrust exemption also granted her another “IBRAC” prize. Besides her academic credentials, Professor Dr. Domingues worked as a lawyer in several and paradigmatic antitrust and global trade cases in Brazil. As a natural result, in 2008, she started to head the antitrust & competition practice and to add the global trade practice of one leading Law Firm in Brazil. Still in 2008, she published her first book on Antitrust Law by one of the most prestigious legal editors in Brazil (Saraiva). This book was awarded with the recognition of “best legal book of the year” (Prize “Troféu Cultura Econômica” in 2008 - currently, the book is now on its 4th edition). During the time she was practicing law, she was nominated by several peers and clients as a leading lawyer both on Antitrust and International Trade (see Latin Lawyers Latin America, Chambers and Partners, EuroMoney besides others). In 2012 and after being approved as a full-time professor at the University of São Paulo (“USP”), she resigned from the Law Firm and started to fully dedicate to researching and teaching at the School of Law of FDRP/USP. Besides several papers and books in Brazil, in 2013 she published the book “Brazilian Competition Law: A practitioner’s Guide” by Wolters Kluwer. Within her academic engagement as a rising leading scholar in Brazil, she has been able to supervise several researches on antitrust and competition, law and development, economic regulation, and anticorruption / compliance. It is also worth noting that she is involved in important initiatives following gender equality in Brazil. Professor Domingues is also a member of the main Competition Fora in Brazil like the Antitrust & Economic Regulation Committee of the Brazilian Bar Association; IBRAC; and she was nominated in 2016 by the Brazilian Council for Economic Defense (“CADE”) as a Non-Governmental Advisor at ICN, actively involved in the Merger Working Group. While in the US in 2018, her research project will target the comprehension of the US experience in enforcing the law against antitrust offenses, with special attention to the criteria of measuring and applying fines. Professor Domingues is attempting to contribute to the Brazilian effort in how to better develop the sentencing system for antitrust offenses.