June 04, 2018

Chair's Message

Jonathan Jacobson

a brief look back and ahead

This is the time of year – 10 months in – that a Section Chair looks back on his or her year, while looking forward to the successor’s initiatives.  And there is quite a lot to say on both scores.

First, this past year, we had a number of significant staff departures, and we will surely miss Diane Odom, Patricia Harris, Tony Nguygen, and Julian Wiley.  We are grateful for their many contributions over the years.  But the effects were almost unnoticed to the outside world as our staff did such an outstanding job in making sure the Section’s performance was unaffected.  Only the superb work by Joanne Travis, Deborah Morgan, Margaret Stafford, Rose Ashford, Julianna Theberge, Kennan Carnegie, Tiffany Goldston, and John Pitts made that possible.  We owe them a huge thank you.

The Section is at its best with our great publications and programs.  In addition to the Annual Review, we published several significant handbooks and, thanks to Tina Miller and Tammy Feldman, Antitrust Law Journal, as well as the Magazine and the Source, continued our leadership in the written word.

Our programs have been awesome.  Mandy Reeves and Chris Hockett, helped by Judge Tigar, renewed our Judges Institute in Chicago together with the Federal Judicial Center.  Svetlana Gans and David Gelfand chaired a record-setting Fall Forum.  Jarrett Arp and Roxann Henry led a spectacular Cartel Conference in the city of lights, Doug Ross chaired our important Health Care conference, and Subrata Bhattachargee helmed our Antitrust in Asia.  Not to mention our excellent Global seminars in London, Dusseldorf (thank you Hartmut Schneider), and Singapore (thank you Joy Fuyuno).  And our PAM in Laguna Beach and Midwinter in Cayman were not too shabby either.  Huge thanks to Joanne, Margaret, Julianna, and Rose for making all this possible.

In two short months, Deb Garza becomes Chair and I get kicked to the curb (hopefully gently).  I won’t be missed, as Deb has a spectacular series of events planned – starting with the PAM in Park City, the Masters course in our new Maryland location, the Judges program in Berkeley, and the next Fall Forum.

The Section’s work depends entirely on the efforts, not just of staff, but also of our volunteer members.  Our leadership and members have done fantastic work again this year, and the Section is greatly in your debt.  As am I.


Jon Jacobson
Chair, Section of Antitrust Law 2017-2018
American Bar Association