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The Section continues to emphasize the importance of constantly innovating to facilitate member value. Recent examples include a Podcast series, a Law Student Ambassador Program, a new In-House Counsel Summit, and a revamped Fall Forum Tech Summit.

At this year’s Midwinter Meeting, we will present Committee Innovation Awards, showcasing creative programs and content from our leadership. We know that many committees are working on innovating and re-energizing committee activities. Below are some ideas:

  • Develop a series featuring members or quarterly videos showcasing testimonials from Antitrust Law Section Committee members.

  • Convert a popular book or committee program into a podcast for Our Curious Amalgam or Trust and Trade.

  • Create a podcast with new content

  • Explore developing video content

  • Set a goal for new membership and exceed it

  • Provide recognition to members who recruit new members

  • Engage with domestic and international members to recruit new members

  • Create a pop quiz or similar to engage with your members

  • Convene an in-house, international, or young lawyer advisory board

  • Develop programming and other content in partnership with other Antitrust Section Committees

  • Publish a newsletter devoted to law student or young lawyer work

  • Condense earlier Spring Meeting and other Committee content into a blog post or primer

  • Convert a handbook into a primer suited for in-house counsel

  • Develop a committee-based topical content library or topic feed for constructive idea exchange in ABA Communities.

  • Partner with the Young Lawyers Division on content

  • Engage with other ABA Section Committees with overlapping coverage to partner together on a program

  • Develop an Essay Contest (proposals should go to the Reserves Committee)

  • Develop an interesting reserves project idea (above or otherwise)

  • Convene a mentoring supper where groups discuss topical issues (this would not be an Antitrust Law reimbursed event)


We want to showcase your creative projects and programs. To be included in the Innovations Award Showcase, please submit the online form by December 18, 2023. Please contact the Committee Officer or your Committee Ops representatives if you have any questions.

Complete the application here.

Here’s to innovation!