February 15, 2018

2018 Update Conference

Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City
Arlington, VA
February 23, 2018

Andrea J. Brantner, Forum Chair
David M. Hernandez, Program Committee Chair

2018 Update Conference Schedule

Meeting Survey

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE PANEL - Legislative Updates and Outlook for 2018

Moderator: Michael Whitaker
Speakers: Bailey Edwards; Deborah McElroy; James Owens; Sharon Pinkerton; Naveen Rao, Counsel

LITIGATION UPDATE PANEL - Our Patchwork Nation: Airline Litigation of State and Local Employment Laws and Regulations

Moderator: Bob Span
Speakers: Paul Geier; Adam KohSweeney; David Mackey; Vania Wit

UAS PANEL - How UAS/Drones Have and Will Continue to Impact Transportation

Moderator: Amna Arshad
Speakers: Loretta Alkalay; Anne Bechdolt; Dean E. Griffith

REGULATORY PANEL - U.S. Airline Service Quality and the Impact of U.S. DOT Passenger Rights Regulations

Moderator: Barbara Marrin

Speakers: Thomas Canfield; Kim Graber; Doug Lavin; Charles Leocha

AIRPORTS/ATC UPDATE PANEL - Update on Airport Funding and Fees, and what a Not-For-Profit ATC Provider could mean for Air Carriers, Passengers and General Aviation

Moderator: Jack Rossi
Speakers: Lori Ballance; Lisa Hariq; Tim Pohle

SPACE UPDATE PANEL - Legal Hurdles to Continued Human Presence in Low Earth Orbit

Moderator: David Balajthy
Speakers: Giugi Carminati; Dionne Hamilton; Jilliane Pierce; Chris Hearsey


  • Space Law Symposium: June 7, 2018, Washington D.C.
  • Annual Meeting: September 27-28, 2018, Chicago, IL
  • Aviation Finance: December 2018, New York, NY