June 12, 2017

Course Materials

Atlanta, GA
September 15 – 16, 2016

1. Prepare for Take Off Considerations and Consolidation
a. BTC – Restoring A Private Right of Action
b. Letter to DOJ Collusion Probe F

2. Safe Flight — Compliance and Enforcement
a. A Safety Step Forward in FAA Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Matters

3. Secure Flight Assessing and Assuring Aviation and Airport Security
a. Bridging the Gap on Transatlantic Data Flows European Commission Approves U.S.
b. FAA Final Rule Doesn’t Advance Drone Debate
c. For Federal Privacy Programs the Final Fair Information Practice Principle Is Crucial

4. Fighting for International Flights — The Strange Journey
a. 2007 US-EU Open Skies Agreement
b. 2016-09-14 FC to Stakeholders — Annexes — Draft Guidelines on Ownership and Control
c. 2016-09-14 FC to Stakeholders — Draft Guidelines on Ownership and Control
d. (2012) Antitrust Immunity Grants to Joint Venture Agreements: Evidence from International Airline Alliances
e. (2012) Antitrust Immunity Grants to Joint Venture Agreements Evidence from International Airline Alliances (002)
f. Air Transport Agreement Model
g. Challenges in Aviation Negotiations (Wings Club 1988)
h. Cities Program - Final Order (1990)
i. Duval-Macilree-Trade-in-Air-Services
j. Industry White Paper (1981)
h. International Air Transportation Policy of the US (1976)
i. Kotaite Lecture (12-05)
k. Open Skies — Final Order (1992)
l. Open Skies Press Release
m. Order to Show Cause Norwegian
n. Statement of US International Aviation Policy (1995)
o. US Policy For the Conduct of Intl Air Transportation Negotiations (1978)

5. Innovation at Altitude — Legal Implications of New Technologies and business Models
a. Innovation at Altitude 2016
b. Risk Management in the Intermediate Frontier — Insurance for Sub-Orbital Flight

6. Just in Case Readiness & Implementation in Crisis Management
a. Foreign Air Carriers in Disaster and Risk Management Under US Regulation
b. Readiness and Implementation in Crisis Management

7. From Here to Ubiquity — The American Space Renaissance Act
a. From Here to Ubiquity — The American Space Renaissance Act and Its Impact on the Future of Space

8. Destinations — Naviagating Trade Sanctions in Emerging Market
a. Survival and Ingenuity of Iranian Aviation in the Face of Political and Economic Adversity

9. Cruising Air Traffic Management Challenges, Reform and Regulation
a. The FAA’s Move to Performance-Based Oversight

10. The View from Altitude — General Counsel Perspectives on Legal and Business Ethics
a. Ethics Panel — The View from Altitude

Dentons Law Firm
Washington, DC
Wednesday, June 8, 2016

1. The American Space Renaissance Act
a. Bills - 114hr4945ih

2. Space Debris
a. Overview of Active Space Debris Removal Issues

3. Intentional Jamming
a. Harmful Interference to Satellite Systems

4. Who is on Your Space Vehicle
a. Who Is on Your Space Vehicle

5. Hosted Payloads
a. Hosted Payloads
b. Legal Issues Presented by Hosted Payloads

Environmental Panel
a. Aviation and Climate

Legislative Panel
a. Legislative Update

Regulatory Panel
a. Negotiated Rulemaking in the Context of Part 382 (N0236124)
b. The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Negotioated Rulemaking

Space Law Panel
a. Space Act

Washington, D.C.
June 9, 2015

TAB I From Here to Ubiquity — The Current and Future States of Commercial Remote Sensing Law
TAB II Building Blocks of the Frontier — Legal Aspects of Space Resources Utilization
TAB III Building Blocks of the Frontier
TAB IV A Cosmic Threat — Cybersecurity Issues in Space
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