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Policy Letters and Comments

Policy Letters and Comments

Comments on OMB's Proposed Draft Bulletin on "Peer Review and Information Quality"

May 2004 Comments on Revised Draft Bulletin on Peer Review

Letter regarding "Peer Review and Information Quality"

Comments on Ombudsman Legislation
      Comment on OMB's Draft 2003 Report to Congress on the Costs and Benefits of Federal Regulations 
Opposition Letters

Letter in opposition to the Social Security Administration's Proposed Rule on Supplemental Standards of Ethical Conduct for SSA employees

Letter in opposition to H.R. 338, the "Federal Agency Protection of Privacy Act of 2004"

Section Letter opposing adoption of a new ABA policy supporting constitutionality of the Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998

Section Letter opposing H. R. 4561, the 'Federal Agency Protection of Privacy Act

Letters in Support of ...

Letter in support of S.589, the Faster FOIA Act of 2005

May 2004 ACUS Reauthorization Hearing Summary

Section Letter to House Judiciary Committee Supporting Reauthorization of ACUS

Letter in support of the concept of a Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman with provisions

Information Quality, 67 FR 22398

 Letter to Consumer Product Safety  Commission

 Letter to U. S. Department of Transportation

 Letter to U. S. Department of Education

 Letter to U. S. Department of Labor

 Letter to Department of Commerce

 Letter to U. S. Environmental Protection  Agency

  Letter to Dept. of Health and Human Services

 Letter to Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Letters to President Bush and Senator Kennedy Regarding the Appointment of a Commissioner of Food and Drugs

Letter to President Bush and Senator Kennedy regarding the appointment of a Commisioner of Food and Drugs

Report submitted by The ABA Section of Business Law and the Section of Administrative Law & Regulatory recommending the appointment of a Commissioner of Food and Drugs

ABA Views on Revised EPA Ombudsman Legislation

Letter to Members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee expressing support for revised S. 606

ABA Standards for the Establishment and Operation of Ombuds Offices

  House Judiciary Subcommittee's Hearings on the 60th Anniversary of the Administrative Procedure Act